UK Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa (Update 2021) – Explained

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Post-Study Work (PSW) Visa in the UK 2021

Everyone dreams of getting admission and a job in the UK because of its prestigious universities and high packages’ job opportunities. Let us tell you that in previous years, the  UK was not giving any post-study work visa to international students.  

But now, there is good news for everyone. The UK has announced the application for a post-study work visa. Everyone who was dreaming of this opportunity should be happy and blessed to apply for this fantastic opportunity.  

However, it is not very easy to get this visa. All the routes and requirements will be discussed in our article. So, do not swipe back. Sit and read what you need to know about post-study work visa UK 2021.  

Post-Study Work visa coming back in the UK

Yes, you have read right in the above section. A post-study work visa is back in the UK now.  In September 2019, the UK government announced its decision to give students permission for a post-study work visa. The UK is now offering lots of options to many students for completing their dreams. Now students can study in the UK, and through this study route,  they can also do work by applying for a post-study UK visa in 2021. Now, read the eligibility criteria for this post-study work visa.  

Eligibility criteria for a post-study work visa in the UK 2021

Now, let us see the eligibility criteria for getting a post-study work visa UK 2021. There is a  route for getting this visa which is termed as the graduation route. Here are some basic requirements which you need to fulfil for getting this post-work visa in the UK.  

  • In summer 2021, students who have completed their graduation and masters in the  UK can apply for a work visa after their course completion.  
  • And also, those students should have a good tier 4 visa at that time. 
  • Students who have done graduation and masters in any subject can apply for a visa for two years of work.  
  • Students who complete their PhD this summer can stay up to 3 years for job purposes in the UK.  
  • Candidates should have an authentic degree which higher authorities should recognise in this time duration. 
  • Applicants can apply for a post-work visa UK in any skilled and professional job according to their self-efficacy. Once they have found a job, they can switch their skill level too.  
  • This graduate route will be started in summer 2021, so all the interested applicants can apply for this summer.  
  • For this, you have to apply for a new visa of job.  
  • This new application of visa will be including a visa payment fee and your immigration health surcharge.  
  • Students who have completed or started their degree this year or have taken admission in 2020 can apply too for this application.  

UK’s government concession to students due to COVID-19

  • People who have taken admission online can also go for this application for a UK post-study visa.
  • If you have completed your academic degree, but you cannot travel to the UK, so you have a chance to come later, almost in April. You can then complete the final semester in the UK, and you can apply for this graduate route.  
  • Students who are doing their one-year masters from January 2021 are also eligible to apply for this application after reaching the UK before 27 September 2021.  

Well, this graduation route is taking time to be launched by the UK government. It has not started yet. In summer 2021, it will be officially launched. All the students will be able to apply after this, and they can work for two years after completing their studies.

We hope that we have given every detail related to this new visa in the UK.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When PSW visa will open in the UK?
A: In 2019 September, it was announced that the new category of post-study work visa would start from the summer of 2021. So, if you have created your degree this autumn and have a Tie 4 visa, you can apply for this visa in summer 2021.

Q: Is a post-study work visa coming back to the UK?
A: According to recent developments in the UK, your tier 4 visa is applicable just for your studies’ duration. Now, students can stay for two years in the UK after their course completion, but they have to apply for a tier 2 visa for this.

Q: Is PSW open in the UK?
A: The news depicts that UK will be wholly vaccinated in summer 2021, which means that candidates can apply for March and September applications after the clearance of COVID-19 vaccination in the UK. Soon PSW will be opened in the UK.

Q: Can I get PR in the UK after the study?
A: Yes, you can get PR in the UK after study, but for this, you have to do five years of working there, and then you can go for application of permanent residence in the UK. For getting this status, you have to pass a knowledge test and a standardized English test.

Q: Is it hard to get PR in the UK?
A: Generally, it seems like a challenging task, but it needs patience and time. You need to give five working years of your life and then specific tests. So, it is a very lengthy process.

Q: Is it easy to get a job in the UK?
A: Well, it is tough because a recent survey showed that only 2.4% of applicants could get a job in the UK. Only 76 new jobs are added after every six months.

Q: Do the graduate route provide settlement in the UK?
A: It does not provide direct settlement, but students can achieve a well-packaged job after fulfilling the demands of criteria, and they can switch this job to their skilled job. In this way, they can get a settlement in the UK.


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